Wine makes a great combination with dishes of red meat topped with red sauces and smoked delicacies of Serbian cuisine.

A unique red wine made exclusively of variety Cabernet Sauvignon. The fruity character of this wine is inspired by the extraordinary grapes that have been processed using traditional wine technology. It is soft, moderately movable in a glass. Bouquet is dominated by blueberries, cherry juice and blackberry compote. The taste experience has been achieved by long aging in bottles, so now it is characterized by soft acids with the taste of sour cherry juice. This taste is filled with light grape tannins and is rounded by the tastes of forest fruit that remain long in the mouth.

Served at 16- 18° C.

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Seductive, white, semi-sweet wine

Sauvignon Blanc

White, dry wine


Red, dry wine

Victor Barrique

Red, dry wine


Dru wine