Apart from the production of wine and wine tourism, our company's branch also deals with the provision of consulting services in the field of wine and brandy production, the production of complete laboratory analyzes for wines, as well as the designing and equipping of wineries.

Provision of consulting services in the field of wine production has several different aspects:

  • Consultations in the management of wine production from the very beginning: determination of the moment of harvest of grapes, consultation on the harvesting of grapes, the processing of grapes, fermentation, finalization and, at the end, refinement of wine as well as bottling.
  • A one-time consultation at any stage during the production of wine 
  • Consultations for correcting already made wine - how to improve the organoleptic properties of wine
  • Consultations in the production of distillates - from fruit to bottle
  • Service production of wine – clients bring grapes, we give them wine of top quality in a bottle. This service involves the complete production of wine from the grapes clients bring to us and it proved to be a great opportunity for all - the owners of vineyards who do not have their cellars but they want to try out in the wine world, as well as for the big wine lovers who acquire grapes from verified vineyards because they want to make wines of superior quality, but they don’t have right conditions.


  • We perform laboratory wine analyzes in which we determine the basic parameters that are important in the production of wine. During 2018 we co-operated with more than 30 wineries from the country and the region, and this number is constantly increasing.

Designing and equipping of wineries:

  • Designing of wineries and distilleries is based on years of experience in the production of wines  and brandies in various production plants from micro cellars of several thousand liters to cellars that produce over one million liters of wine per year. Designing refers to the complete technological, functional and dimensional fitting of the winery/distillery for the required capacity, while the design and architecture of the building are not included. In addition to complete designing, we also perform adaptations of wineries to existing facilities.
  •  Equipping of wineries works according to the principle of representing of Italian, French, Slovenian and German companies engaged in the production of equipment for winemaking, as well as through recommendations for certain machines that can be purchased in Serbia with representatives of other companies.