Victor Barrique

Victor Barrique


This wine features a lot of full-bodied red ruby extracts, characterized by the aroma of dry forest fruit mixed with vanilla sticks, coconut and fine quality tobacco.

Dry, red, top quality wine was made as cuveé two of the best French grape varieties - Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in ratio 50:50. Two wines were made separately and kept separately in barrique barrels which are made of French and Serbian oak. It has distinct chocolate, vanilla and coffee flavors, permeated with grape and plum jam, and all these tastes are merged into one by light tannins that make this wine enjoys the company of quality red meat, for example-steak in mushroom gravy, or a lighter meat dishes with sauces made of very aromatic French blue cheese or Italian gorgonzola.

To be served at 16 - 19° C.

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Seductive, white, semi-sweet wine

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Red, dry wine


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