Top 10 facts about white wine

If you are a fan of white wine, we bring you the top 10 interesting facts about it

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How to choose wine for special occasion?

At our wine tastings, we are often being asked about issues concerning the wine bon ton. These questions most often relate to the choice of wine in terms of how, when and with what food to drink, what kind of glass should be used as well as the question of whether the wine should be decanted. By a series of texts on these issues we will try to contribute to a further understanding of these concerns. There are a lot of information on these subjects as well as the rules and whole elaborates can be written about each topic, but we will focus on some of the most basic things.

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Pairing wine and food

For centuries wine and food were consumed together and paired. From Roman times people were enjoying eating particular food with certain types of wines.  Why is it so popular and important today?

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