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Nowadays, wine has became a cultural symbol of good life but from its original role, as an important source of of nutrition, 10 millennia has passed. The wine has evolved simultaneously with different civilizations, changed and improved. Each generation tried to correct the taste, extend the duration and find more purpose to it.

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Seductive, white, semi-sweet wine

Sauvignong Blanc

White, dry wine


Red, dry wine


Red, dry wine


Dru wine

Victor Barrique

Red, dry wine

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An unusual experience; Perfect for wine lovers

OritN - Tel Aviv, Israel

Highlight of our time in Belgrade!

GraceGoran - Chicago, IL

Really cool experience.

Luka C

Extraordinary wine tasting

ramonab635 - Canton of Zurich, Switzerland

An amazing experience!

Courtney S - Washington, District of Columbia

Fantastic tasting experience!

jessw202 - Newbury, United Kingdom

Very nice wine tasting experience

Pavel U